Antivirus Tests – Which is the best Antivirus of 2014?

When you wish to decide which is the best antivirus to choose among all the options available, there are a lot of factors that has to be considered before making the final decision.

There are many internet security packages available and every antivirus program has advantages and disadvantages of its own. Also, each one has different features that other.

Everyone wants the antivirus which must provide 100% protection against viruses, trojans, malwares and should not make their PC slow using a lot of resources after the installation.

A good anti virus program consumes little computing power and protects your PC from malicious software comprehensively.

We have done a detailed research to find out the top antivirus options available in the current world. The results are based on the Performance, Security and User Friendliness of the programs. We have used the EICAR file for testing and rankings given below are based on the results we have found out.

Top Recommended Anti-Virus Products for you are:

1. Trend Micro Internet Security 2014

In the security world, Trend Micro Internet Security is one of the most popular antivirus program. It has become one of the most successful and best known manufacturers of security... Read More



2. Kaspersky Internet Security 2014

kaspersky- 2014
Kaspersky Internet Security is another most popular internet security suite which has high malware detection rate and a low system load. In the competition of top antivirus programs, Kaspersky is... Read More



3. McAfee Internet Security 2014

McAfee Internet Security software offers comprehensive protection with anti-virus, anti-malware, firewall, spam filter and parental controls, as well as an automatic file back-up system. It includes a high-performance Scan of... Read More



4. Norton Internet Security 2014

The Norton Internet Security package offers among many other features an Anti-Phishing filter, an intelligent Two-way firewall and automatically recognizes even new viruses by using SONAR Behavioral Protection feature. Some of... Read More



5. ESET Smart Internet Security 2014

ESET Smart Internet Security bundle is one of the most efficient internet security suite which provides all around security to the PC as well as the network the PC is... Read More



6. Avira Internet Security 2014

Avira Internet Security is holding one of the big chunks of internet market security share and the reason behind is the excellent features it offers. It offers a PC optimization... Read More



7. Bitdefender Internet Security 2014

Bitdefender Internet Security is a good package to make the computer safe. The malware detection rate is very low which makes it a poor contender as compared to the other... Read More



8. F-Secure Internet Security 2014

With the F-Secure Internet Security suite, the PC is protected against all kinds of attacks and internet threats. The Deep Guard technology prevents all the viruses, worms, spyware from harming... Read More



9. G-Data Internet Security 2014

G-Data Internet Security is another good option for people looking to secure their computer. The installation process of the product is fairly simple and also provides the option to choose... Read More



10. AVG Internet Security 2014

The installation process of AVG Internet Security is very easy and the installer provides various options to select various components and interface languages. The user can also install the suite with... Read More



How to choose the best anti-virus for your computer?

It is very important to understand how to choose an antivirus carefully as it is one time investment and one should do it wisely. If you own a computer then having an anti-virus protection is a must to make sure all your files and other sensitive documents are not compromised. The market today is filled with tons of security software that it has becomes such a huge task deciding which is the most suitable antivirus program for your personal or business computers.

The internet is one of the biggest sources of viruses, trojan horses, malwares, adware and other harmful worms that can ruin your computer or steal sensitive login details. When it comes to deciding which anti-virus to choose there are a lot of factors that have to be considered before the final decision is made.

Let’s look at the steps that one must take when looking to purchase anti-virus software that is reliable and efficient.

Step 1: Paid or Free Antivirus?

There are two types of security software, the free antivirus and the ones you pay for, when you are deciding between the free and the paid-for there is one thing you need to understand. The paid-for antivirus tend to contain more security features as compared to the free one. You will make a small investment in the purchase but on the other hand you do not have to worry about your computer getting infected.

The paid-for anti-virus provides all-round protection. The downside to this is that you will only get basic level protection which can leave you vulnerable to attack in some ways. Most free software are trial versions which means that you will have time limit on protection.

Still if you wish to use free antivirus, check this page to know more about these.

Step 2: Check the protection offered

As mentioned earlier there are different types of software which are available in the market and that is why before purchasing a specific one you should consider the type of protection the security software offers. The best suited anti-virus software would be one that offers the all-round protection for the money invested.

Step 3: Enquire about Real-Time protection

The online threats have become very sophisticated that internet users require real-time protection, especially when they are making any online financial transactions. Before you choose specific software you should enquire if they offer real-time protection. This is to ensure that you have maximum protection every time you are browsing the internet.

Step 4: Check the frequency of the software updates

This is probably one of the biggest considerations that one has to take when looking to purchase anti-virus software. Regular updates improve the effectiveness of the software. New security threats emerge every day so you need software which get regular updates and can automatically search and install the updates in the background while you do other things.

Step 5: Ensure it is User Friendly

An computer security software should be something that does not require advance computer skill to use; you need to look for security software that is user friendly. If you find that an anti-virus software is complex and requires a number of complex steps then it means that chances of making errors are high. These might be the errors that may lead to exposure of your information.

Step 6: Check the reputation of the company

Before you decide to settle on a given internet security suite, it would be important to consider the reputation of the company. This may not fall high into your list of priority but it a very good consideration. Do not rush to purchase that software which has unfamiliar names and have not been in the market for long. You may need the support to install or fix any issue with the software, so a unknown company might not give you the best technical support.

You would want antivirus software that comes from a reputable company that has been in the market for years. The reputable company will be able to provide you a good customer supports in case you face any issue with the software.

Step 7: Compare the tests

We did a in-depth research and you should check the various internet security softwares available here and how they performed on out tests results to see which internet security suite is best to meet your needs.

Step 8. Check system requirement

This is the final step before investing your money into the security software. Check the system requirement of your machine and the security software you are installing. Each internet security software on this site has a section where the system requirement are written, the reason to make sure your antivirus is compatible with your machine is so that it can perform at its optimum. If you purchase the software which does not meet your system requirement then this might slow down your machine or cause some software installed to malfunction or perform poorly