Best Antivirus 2014 – In-depth Antivirus Reviews

The antivirus you may choose must provide 100% protection against viruses, trojans, malwares and should not make your PC slow using a lot of resources after the installation. A good antivirus program for your computer would be the one which uses very little computing power and protects your PC from malicious software comprehensively.

Introduction and motive

We have reviewed the top 10 antivirus products available in the market. The reviews present on this site will help you to understand the pros and cons of the antivirus software and making you a smart buyer and decision maker.

Please note down that these comparisons are made from user point of view not from a scientific point of view and our motive is to help people in choosing the most suitable internet security package for their computer. The simplicity of language is important so an average English language user may also benefit from the knowledge shared.

Why Antivirus is important for your computer?

Has anyone ever wondered how much an antivirus is important for their computer security, privacy protection and protection from online threats? Actually, there are many mischievously-minded people and criminals exist in this world, so computers will always need protection from the aforementioned individuals’ attacks on their security. As its owner, it is your job to ensure that your system remains healthy; not only for the sake of your computer, but for those that you connect with through file transfers and email.


For this reason, it is essential that you utilize an antivirus program to maintain the health and security of your computer, tablet, or mobile device to guard against, protect, and remove viruses and various forms of malware, such as:

  • Rootkits: a form of malware that conceals other malware.
  • Adware: software that automatically displays advertising
  • Worms: self-replicating program that spreads to other computers
  • Trojans: programs that seem to be normal, but when allowed to run, overwrite parts of your hard drive and corrupt your data.
  • Spyware: programs that collect or steal data

Failing to protect yourself from viruses and malware can cause your computer’s response speed to drop, your system’s files to change; some delete vital files, steal information, and cause your computer to become “contagious” and infect other computers with which yours interacts.

Top Antivirus Recommended by us are:

1. Trend Micro Internet Security 2014 Review


Trend Micro is one of the most popular antivirus suites in the market today as it has built its reputation over the years as a reliable and high performing antivirus engine. It’s one of the few software suites in the market that offers all-in one protection. It goes beyond the simple protection because it packs tons of security features like identity protection, parental control and email scanning.

2. Kaspersky Internet Security 2014 Review

kaspersky- 2014

Kaspersky is undoubtedly one of the most reputable antivirus suites in the market and it offer exceptional all-round protection with a friendly user interface which can be customized to suit both novice users and advanced users. It offers a comprehensive PC protection while keeping users financial transactions and identity information safe. It has the best parental control and it does all its security functions without slowing down the PC.

3. McAfee Internet Security 2014 Review


This security suite is one of the most recognizable suites which have been in the market for decades. The 2014 release has introduced a simple touch optimized interface and provides users with complete protection on malware and other online threats. It introduces advanced features like Site Advisor, Vulnerability scanner, Shredder, accurate spam filter and also remote management.

4. Norton Internet Security 2014 Review


This security software has excellent score in blocking of malicious links and object. This new release comes with better and advanced security features like the Safe Password manager and the Network Map monitors. It has one of the best parental controls, the Norton Family. Other additional security features include intelligent firewall, automated start-up manager and accurate spam filtering. Norton security software provides complete protection with minimal impact on system performance.

5. ESET Smart Internet Security 2014 Review


ESET is a veteran antivirus suite which has been providing exceptional online protection for years. This software has proven its capability to evolve and combat new cyber threats. It has an accurate spam filter and arguably one of the best parental control features along with the anti-theft components which keeps user’s identity and financial transactions safe. It is compact with simple user interface and a strong performance.

6. Avira Internet Security 2014 Review


This security suite has risen to become one of the most sought after internet antivirus suite and this is because of its top-notch protection. It has the best child protection feature and an easy method of installation. It has a clean compact user interface suitable for both advanced and novice users. It also features the built-in security browser plugin for secure online interactions. It is a good performing antivirus suite and has a decent virus detection rate.

7. Bitdefender Internet Security 2014 Review


This security software offers one of the most reliable protections from all the known and unknown security threats. It has the highest malware detection rate plus an exceptional inbuilt firewall capability. It offers complete protection against threats and also has advanced parental controls. It also offers its user an excellent password management system and a strong spam filtering mechanism.

8. F-Secure Internet Security 2014 Review


F-Secure is one of the best performing antivirus engines in the market. It provides reliable protection for the most affordable price and has one of the highest detection and removal rates of known and unknown threat signatures. It’s fairly easy to use and it has been able to incorporate the latest security technology to offer secure cloud computing and not slowing down the system.


9. G-Data Internet Security 2014 Review


This security suite has gained popularity by being one of the most dominant antivirus engines in the market. It’s known for its versatility and its hassle free firewall. It has some of the highest score in malware detection and blocking. G-Data also protected confidential personal information and once information is deleted it can deleted completely. It also features the auto start manager which reduces user interaction with the software.

10. AVG Internet Security 2014 Review


AVG technologies, is one of the most popular companies offering another antivirus suite. The AVG security software has one of the simplest installation processes with most of its functions automated. It has been fully integrated for Windows the touch interface for Windows 8. AVG features some of the most advanced features like secure deletion of files, advanced malware detection and prevention and an accurate spam filtering mechanism.


Important Suggestions

It is very important to understand how to choose an antivirus carefully as it is one time investment and one should do it wisely. If you own a computer then having an all around anti-virus protection is a must to make sure all your files and other sensitive documents are not compromised. The market today is filled with tons of security software that it has becomes such a huge task deciding which is the best antivirus program for your personal or business computers.

A large part of keeping your computer virus-free is being smart about the sites you visits, files you open, and links you visit, but unfortunately, that is not enough. You can be the smartest, most careful web surfer and computer owner in existence and still manage to be affected by computer viruses. This may shock some people, but just as a person can fall ill despite taking health precautions, your computer can become infected despite your safe browsing habit and responsible computer maintenance.


Most people think that they can only become infected with a virus or malware if they actively download and install it, but this is not the case. Hackers and anyone else who creates viruses and develops malware can gain access to your computer through vulnerabilities in your trusted and usually safe programs, especially web browsers.

In fact, there are actual competitions where entrants are required to find and exploit vulnerabilities in fully-updated software like Chrome, Firefox, Adobe Flash, and Internet Explorer in order to win prize money. And therein lies the problem—in any society or group, there will always be that element whose actions are “the reason we can’t have nice things;” those individuals that intentionally make other people’s lives harder by, essentially, trying to break their possessions.

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